Wineries old and new, traditional and modern, are now open to visitors who want to taste their products, most notably the Malvasia of Salina. But the quality of other Aeolian wines has led to the birth of new, increasingly-recognised, labels. The vines have always been one of the Aeolian Islands' most important agricultural products, but not the only ones: a fascinating and unique culinary tradition has built up that combines elements of the "earth" (capers, cucunci, olives, fresh or sun dried tomatoes, aubergines, beans, wine list, asparagus, zucchini owers) with those of the "sea" (blue and white fish, grouper, tuna, sword fish, squid and frutti di mare). The islanders have made developing local foods a work of art, from raw fish to tasty dishes made with capers and cucunci, sauces and llings where fennel, raisins, pine nuts, almonds and bread crumbs give the sh - or rabbit - their predominant avour, using the Aeolian Islands' most traditional produce. It all adds up to an extraordinary adventure for the palate, an exploration to be continued by sampling the islands’ traditional cakes and authentic artisanal pastries, most marvellously represented by the "nacatule" and "vastedduzze".