Getting around the Islands

On Lipari and Salina Islands are available the following city Bus

Lipari: URSO
Salina: CITIS

Check your routes and timetable through the follwing links

Lipari: Routes and timetable (URSO)
Salina: Routes and timetable (CITIS)

VULCANO: Scaffidi Bus runs buses around the island. There's year-round service from Porto di Levante to Porto di Ponente , Piano , and Capo Grillo. From mid-June to mid-September, buses also run to Gelso . There's a timetable posted at the main bus stop, at the beginning of Strada Provinciale near the hydrofoil dock. Buy tickets on the bus. If you're going to the beaches at Gelso, ask the driver to let you off at the dirt track.

Connections around the islands are managed by LibertyLines. To get around the islands by ship check the following website www.siremar.it - www.ngi-spa.it