In islands where the Greek Dionysian cults were associated with a real passion for the theatre, it is impossible to image an Aeolian holiday which does not feature culture as one of its main characteristics: from the "Salina Docfest" and the Salina Festival, to the Film Festival in Lipari for cinema lovers; from the "Festival of fire" in Stromboli, a revival of ancient street art, to the 'Eolie in classico' in Lipari and the "Panarea Jazz Festival, for those who want to enjoy excellent music; from the "Aeolian Afternoons" in Lipari for those who love the brilliant blend of literature, tradition, current affairs and social life, to the" Biennale of art" in Filicudi - the smallest in the world, where a private house becomes the beating heart of the Italian intelligentsia for a night, and the "Food and Wine Week" in Salina, for those who believe that culture also means good food and drink.